We’re Back!

We’re Back!


Children are to sit with their families and attendance is encouraged for everyone.

If you are not feeling well, have a fever, or have travelled or been in contact with someone who is ill, do not attend the services and watch the livestream only.

Here are a couple guidelines to remember as we do our best to stay safe as we gather:

• There will be no children’s program available. All children will need
to stay with their parents in the sanctuary.
• You will enter the building and your seating will be assigned by staff.
FACE MASKS ARE REQUIRED and practice social distancing at all times.
• Children 2 years and under are not required to wear a mask.
• The use of a mask is not required for those with medical reasons.
• Once the service is over, please exit immediately as directed by through the assigned exit doors. There is only a limited amount of time and we will need time to clean.
• If you are not able to come in the building due to these limits, you can still listen to the service by watching the livestream on your device.
• We do not take any responsibility for any illness that you may get. You must practice all the protocols that have been advised by the government of Ontario and take all precautions necessary to protect yourself and your family.
• If you have any concerns, please plan to watch the livestream services until you feel it is safe to return.

We will still be streaming our services at 11:00 a.m. on our website.